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June 2017
Fase Luna123
45678Fase Luna910
111213141516Fase Luna17
181920212223Fase Luna24
Gregorian Calendar
Events of the month
Astronomical events
IconaDescrizioneDataOra T.U.
First QuarterFirst QuarterThursday 1 12:38
Full MoonFull MoonFriday 9 13:08
Last quarterLast quarterSaturday 17 11:35
Solstizio d´estateWednesday 21 04:12
New MoonNew MoonSaturday 24 02:30
Christian Calendar
Event Day
PentecostSunday 4
Times are in UT - Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time); for lunar phases and eclipses the error in within 2 min.

This perpetual calendar works for any year since 4713AC (-4712). The date of change from Julian Calendar to Gregorian is Oct 15 1582 (Julian Oct 5 1582).
For years before 321, when Emperor Constantine I introduced by decree the week cycle and Sunday rest, you will see the Roman Calendar with Kalendae, Nonae and Idi and the nundinal cycle instead of the week. You can always see the modern style calendar selecting from the dropdown menu.
For years between 46BC (first year of the Julian Calendar) and 4AD I tried to take into account the leap year error (which the priests interposed every three years instead of four) up to 8BC when August corrected this error suppressing three leap years.
For years before 46AC (-45) this calendar uses a analeptic julian calendar which obviously is different from the calendar used by Romans at the time (Numan Calendar).


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